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TLD zone file

s listed below contain a list of all domains, 1 per line, registered in that extension. The files have been cleaned of all extraneous data and just contain the domain names. Access to ALL the files is simple. When you first click on download you can perform the purchase transaction with Paypal and then the email associated with your payment can be used for 48 hours when downloading any file. There is no limit to how many times you can download files in this period. As the files are quite large this payment is solely to cover bandwidth, hosting, and site development costs and is not for the information itself. If you have any problems or questions you can email us at

com zone file

137,060,559 domains
15th October 2018

net zone file

13,840,610 domains
15th October 2018

org zone file

10,311,358 domains
15th October 2018

info zone file

4,961,483 domains
15th October 2018

biz zone file

2,199,222 domains
15th October 2018

us zone file

1,942,562 domains
15th October 2018

mobi zone file

431,320 domains
15th October 2018

xxx zone file

92,408 domains
15th October 2018
The ccTld files below contain 1 domain per line. Most registries don't provide zone information and where that is the case we have compiled a current list of known registrations. This is the best alternative where no zone files are provided. Due to the time and resources needed to compile these files they are updated weekly/monthly instead of daily.

ca zone file

2,100,763 domains
11th October 2018

co zone file

1,709,269 domains
10th October 2018
.COM.AU zone file

1,677,807 domains
16th October 2018

de zone file

11,127,988 domains
7th October 2018

es zone file

1,369,598 domains
28th September 2018

eu zone file

2,729,419 domains
22nd September 2018

fr zone file

5,208,517 domains
20th September 2018

io zone file

389,303 domains
4th October 2018

nl zone file

2,158,209 domains
30th September 2018

nu zone file

775,460 domains
7th October 2018

se zone file

1,657,834 domains
7th October 2018

tv zone file

382,519 domains
4th October 2018
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